Switch on your jewelry imagination

Thousands of earrings in one

Change your look whenever you need it, in one touch. Videos, GIFs, pictures are parts of jewelry from now on. Perform as an artist! Hunt the attention! Hypnotize with dynamic content! Make your moment a fashion show!
Synchronize your look with every day schedule thanks to Hitekki content platform.

The future of jewelry

Jewelry is evolving at this very moment. Now it’s more than just gems… Each bit of information is a new precious. What is precious for you? Bitcoins downloaded in Hitekki, an animated piece of art or family photos? Only you will decide!
Golden-plated and platinum-plated screen earrings with the living metal heart.
Now there are no limits for jewelry, thanks to Hitekki.

Control your look via smartphone

Simple. Easy. Intuitive. Your smartphone is your palette. Choose and change the content with one touch. Create your own content with your videos, photos, Gifs, boomerang content and upload it directly to your Screen earrings.
Ask for more! Trust Hitekki to create something special and exclusive for you… Screen earrings can create unique content based on special algorithms and the work of sensors. Now your body movements and sounds around you can be transformed in jewelry precious.

Subscription for a New look

Hitekki understand your needs for a new look every day. We create a simple solution for you. Hitekki App gives you a possibility to get new, beautiful content every day. A platform where people all around the world upload and sell their animations for smart jewelry in the same way musicians upload on Spotify or Apple music. You also can sell your own content.
Monthly subscription offers you the best of new content, based on your mood and taste. You always can search for something special and buy it in one click.

Hitekki models

1.19” and 1.39” circle shape screen earrings in a beautiful charge case. The resolution of screens is 400 x 400 pixels. The weight of the earrings is in the “comfortable zone” for human ears is approximates to 20 grams. Working time is 5 hours on one charge. With portable charge case jewelry is easy to carry with you.